21/06/2017 - 28/07/2017




 DURATION: 21/6/2017- 28/7/ 2017


With the title Sender - Receiver, Cypriot artists Ioanna Kythretou, Thekla Papadopoulou and Elena Tsigaridou will be presenting their most recent work at the House of Cyprus in New York from June 21st. The exhibition is part of the residency program at the Cyprus Consulate, where the exhibition’s curator Marina Christodoulidou, invited three artists to suggest three New York based artists to collaborate with. In short, the exhibition will evolve into two different paths. The one path will be communicating and collaborating with their chosen artist in New York, selected through the common features in their artistic practice, and the other, exhibiting three representative works at the House of Cyprus. For the exhibition, a book co-published by the exhibition's curator and George Makrides, architect and researcher, is being published.


The exhibition title and its exchange scheme is manifested as the three artists act separately both as recipients and as senders. Their exhibiting works, comprising of assorted paintings, suggest a common interaction between them through the immediate and effective essence of their medium and their creative implementation. The endless nature of painting is reflected in the personal relevance of each work and viewer. Henceforth, the works, as senders, propose unique interpretations to each audience.


In view of the above, the exhibition will act as an amalgam which redefines painting based on the visual reactions of the artists. Initially, Kythreotou expresses futuristic or rather utopian atmospheric landscapes through an installation that suggests the idea of archived material of undiscovered impairments even though it was all crafted by the artist. Papadopoulou, layers painting with mixed media to compos the memories of her creative process, expanding the work with the element of a floor mirror. To end, Tsigaridou reveals a personal narrative through a still life, with vanitas symbolized by thistles. The artists’ concepts revolve around illusion and reality, as, moreover, it always applies to the medium of painting. Content and composition of the works to be exhibited will be the sole mediators for the artists’ intentions.





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